Trending African American Girls Hairstyles For Girls

When you are looking for the hairstyles for little girls who are moving to school, you can get a lot of options to choose from.

Especially the black girl’s hairstyle for school, there are a lot of styles to try and most of those styles are filled with fun and personality.

There are several routine hairstyles for your girl but they have been getting bored with it. To make them cherish you can try up some of those hairstyles which are mentioned below as alternative hairstyles.

Here are some of the very easy African American girl hairstyles for school;

Braids with bun

This is the most common hairstyle preferred by the girls because they are fascinating and gives you an elegant and stunning look.

This hairstyle combines the bun and braids, here the braids are done in the squire and the bun will be settled in the back of the scalp.


Most of the girls have this ponytail style as their default one, because there give you a stylish look with simple work.

You can make this style for your little girl when you are preparing her for school. You can try the curly end ponytails to make them stand out from other students.

Cornrows with a top knot

This hairstyle is somewhat stand out of all your routine hairstyles and to make this you have to create the cornrows around the head and make the knots at the top of the back.

Long braids

Very simple hairstyle for school but makes you look prettier. To make these hairstyles happening create the two braids and make them fall on both sides of their head. If you want, you can make use of clips at the end of those braids.

Bob braids

Bob braids is one of the most preferable hairstyles for black girls because it gives you a cute look. This hairstyle combines the braids with bob, this is one of the most trending hairstyles among this generation girl.

long braids

Heart cornrows

The cornrows are the only hairstyle that can be created in many ways and with the help of this you can make the heart-shaped cornrows. This is a new hairstyle so it will be suitable for your girl.

French braid

This hairstyle makes everyone girl looks outstanding and it is will be a perfect one for school-going children. At the same time, it keeps away the hair from falling on their face.

Final thoughts

There are several school natural hairstyles for African American kids, but you can try these hairstyles to make them surprise and stand out from other girls.