Some Of The Famous Technology Ladies In 2020

Today’s universe is completely revolving around with the improving technologies and you can admire the importance of technology in each minute.

Day to day you can see new technology that has been created by the technical people and those technologies supporting the human creatures in multiple ways.

More than half of the world population is filed with the female gender so there is no doubt they are moving ahead in almost all professional fields and technology is one among those fields.

Now there is no gender gap in the technological industries because the women are professionals they are mentally strong and delivering high creativity products and services through the technology.

Some of among those famous ladies in tech 2020 are mentioned below, move further to get to know more about them;

Jessica NaziriJessica Naziri

The technological field people surely aware of her name because she has changed the game of technology industries in past years. She is a technology influencer and content strategy expert also.

She plays a vital role in the technological field and also helping or giving advice on start-up and growing companies on how to target the consumers.

She works hard to make the technology field as a simple and accessible one even to the average people.

Erika baker

Her name comes under the list of leading technological founders and she aims to create a place for women in the technological workplace. She has given several technological advices to several corporate firms.

Gail Carmichael

Gail Carmichael is an active blogger, educationalist, and computer scientist. She is now working in the private sector Shopify as an external education team leader.

Through brought up the several innovative methods in learning computer science she has encouraging the women to work in all industrial sectors.

At the same time, she acts as one of the technical consultants to most of the leading organizations.

Safre Catz

Safre Catz

She is one of the independent women leaders and she has worked in Oracle for 20 years. Now Safre Catz is the co-CEO of the Oracle organization.

She is the inspirational woman for most of the tech industry peoples and with her creativity she has brought up the Oracle Company to the next level. She has now nominated for the women leadership awards.

Final verdicts

The profile of these famous ladies in technological industries has proved a technology career for women is one of the preferable choices and they can achieve a lot with creativity in the field of technology.