Homemade Hair Mask With Cucumber

Hair is the most favorite thing for the majority of girls and they are giving higher priority in their maintenance too.

Especially when the hair starts to getting damage they used to try lots of hair masks and hair oils to prevent them from getting damaged further.

There are hundreds of natural remedies to protect your hair naturally and one of those is a homemade conditioner for dry hair with cucumber, which works on your damaged hair.

The cucumber and aloe vera are the two things mostly preferable for the damaged hairs.

Cucumber hair conditioner recipe

cucumberTo make the cucumber hair mask for dry hair from home you can follow up this recipe;

You can make up this cucumber hair conditioner with the simple home ingredients which will be present in your home normally.

The requirements for the cucumber mask is cucumber, egg, and argan oil. Instead of argan oil you can prefer the castor oil, jojoba oil, or flaxseed oil.

Steps involved in preparing the cucumber hair mask,

In the first step, take the cucumber based on your hair length and peel the outer skin with the help of a peeler. After peeling off the skin blend them soft with the help of jar or food processor.

Now combine the 1 egg with this cucumber puree and beat them well until they perfectly mix with the puree. The texture should be in a mixed form keep it in mind.

As a final step, add any of your natural oils to them in the measurement of one teaspoon full. Again mix them all to mix up.

Here your cucumber hair mask is ready now it is a time for your homemade cucumber hair treatment. Apply them and massage your scalp properly and allow them for 10 minutes before taking a bath.

Final verdicts

This is how you can make your homemade cucumber hair mask for your damaged dry hair.